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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Rocket Leads and what exactly do you do?

After years of experience with lead generation and endless trial and error, we have managed to develop a strategy with which we generate warm leads for our clients on a daily basis. With this strategy, we have already helped more than 400 companies in the Netherlands and abroad (both B2B and B2C).

If you are looking for an agency that provides a full service solution to 'get more brand awareness', we are not the right party.

If you are looking for an agency that can show you with 2 clicks what the costs are, how many leads have been generated, and how much revenue has been generated - then we are a match.

Through which platforms do you work?

We work with different online advertising platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. We review your business & target audience in the introduction phase, then we do small market research and from there we recommend which platforms are right for your business and target audience.

What exactly does the 30 leads guarantee mean?

Since we are so confident in our own unique strategy, we maintain a guarantee policy where it is possible to get your investment back in case the predicted results are not achieved. We guarantee that a minimum of 30 leads will be generated for your product/service in the first month. Do we not achieve this? Then you will get a full refund from us immediately! 🚀 We can further discuss the specific requirements of the guarantee in the introductory meeting and can also adjust it to your company, target audience & strategy if necessary.

What if all the leads are of poor quality, then 30 leads are useless?

That's true, however, of course we do everything we can to actually generate quality leads. We will set up the landing page and advertisements in such a way that leads are correctly qualified. In addition, we can ask additional questions regarding their budget, current situation, accessibility, etc. to further filter the leads. Ultimately, we both gain nothing from working together for 1 month, achieving 30 leads, and then stopping. We will therefore always aim for a long-term cooperation, and this includes qualitative leads in the first month that actually convert to customers.

What is the investment to partner with Rocket Leads?

At Rocket Leads, the price depends on several factors. Basically, the investment consists of a fixed monthly fee for our services & together we agree on a (variable) advertising budget. So this also means that this is different for every situation based on your specific wishes and needs. To give you a concrete price indication & to see if we can help you it is advised to schedule a 20 minute introduction via the button below.

What is the conversion rate on leads?

It is extremely difficult to give an exact conversion rate in advance. It obviously depends on several factors such as the filter we set, the target audience, the price of your product/service, the proposition, the lead follow-up, etc. With some partners who have a strong proposition we see a conversion rate of 20-40%. We will also filter the leads at all times until the quality of the leads and conversion is to your satisfaction.

How soon can I expect results?

The time to see results can vary depending on the specific strategy and goals of the campaign. Generally, you can expect to see the first leads within a few weeks of starting the campaign.

Schedule a 30 minute introduction

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